Pension For Dogs and Cats

From grooming ... to the Spa!

A full grooming is offered with stylish cut. You want out of the ordinary? Like glitters? You will be pampered because you can choose, for your taste, add locks, feathers, bows or jewels. You can even apply color with a painted, stain or a tattoo.

In addition to grooming, the spa offers mud bath, moisturizing mask, treatment with essential oils, argan oil or clay. As for the massage with essential oils, it will give your dog a unique relaxing, soothing and comforting.


For the health and comfort of your pet, the spa is on the lookout for trends and uses only high-end products for each grooming. That's why we use Iv San Bernard, recognized worldwide as having one of the best product lines. In addition, different treatments are offered with the seasons (treatment against molting or against mosquitoes, for example). .

Our groomers stylists are available 7 days / 7 by appointment.

For more details, please refer to the chart in the packages tab.